Tuesday, July 12, 2011



Oh, and I just learnt that I was part of this exibition.. Won t be able to see it, but it s quite nice to know that my stuff will be there, right  next to  Pompon... Class!..


Looks like I found myself a foundry in Ireland..!
So soon enough, this little guy here should make it to bronze..!


Mmm.. I ve to say I m quite jealous of those guys who go for a 3 weeks safari in order to capture " the essence" or whatever of the cape buffalo.. Bah. Someday.. But for now, I have to capture the essence of the siberian tiger from my kitchen..


Yesterday I had a mail from a german journalist telling me that one of my sculpture was bought by the designer Alexander Wang , to be part of the deco of his New York apartment... Well, not my best piece of work if you ask me, but if he likes it...

Tough to see the sculpture there, it s a plaster version of this guy:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Old work...