Friday, September 30, 2011


My favorite subject...I m still far from my goal, but I ll get there! And this one have been cast in bronze and even sold pretty well!

asian rhino

Really no my favorite, but I think it got cast in Bronze and even got sold! Sorry I don t have any pics of the bronze version, my galerist never send me any.. grmmmmlll...

Snow leopard

this one is in my kitchen, it s getting old and deteriorating quickly. But I was almost happy with it, so I keep it for now..

walking chimp

This one is ok, I stocked in my bathroom, waiting to get cast someday..


 tried some bisons many time, but never been happy with the result, hop, to the bin..!


A little tamarin that I kind of liked but that never got cast..

Orang utang

 I m quite ashamed of this piece, but someone wanted to buy it, and the client is always right, so it got casted..

Sitting gorilla

Guess what .. Another Gorilla! I kind of liked this one, but didn t see it again for a long time now..


a bunch of walking chimps.. those are in plaster..


A piece I did a wile ago.. sorry for the lack of posts.. I just don t have much time to sculpt these days...